What Must You Look for in a Business Tax Attorney?


No one intends to accumulate tens of thousands of dollars in debt with the IRS when they establish their business. Many of these issues start small. Small things like forgetting one or two payroll periods or forgetting taxes. Eventually, things get out of control. Now you are in a massive debt to the IRS, and you have no idea where to look for help.

For pressing tax issues, including employment and payroll tax problems, you require an attorney. Below are some of the tips for locating a lawyer who can successfully file a case for you against the IRS.

One of the most complicated areas of the law is Tax law. Taking one or more classes in law school does not give the lawyer the experience or training necessary to represent you well against the IRS. Great tax lawyers understand the IRS’s rules, and they can use these against them. They have specialized libraries/databases they subscribe to and know how to use to gain access to the very complex and often changing laws and rules governing tax procedures and laws. The stakes are too high to gamble on an attorney who does not have these specialized tools, experience, and training in tax law. If things go awry, the business you have labored so hard to build could be shut down. You could even go to jail.

Look for specific tax training and experience. Search for a lawyer that specializes in tax law and preferably one who graduated from a reputable law school. Try to locate international tax attorney washington dc  that has a Master’s law degree specializing in tax law. Ensure that they are updated in their field also. Laws change frequently, and you want to ensure that the business does not suffer with a business tax attorney who is behind what is taking place.

If you know a great judge or lawyer you trust, ask if they know someone who specializes in tax cases who they are comfortable recommending to you. Peer-reviewed ratings might also provide you with an idea of what other lawyers are saying about the attorney you are thinking of hiring. Check what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the attorney.

Anytime you have a fight or controversy; you need a litigator. If you have a risky or complicated dispute with the IRS, your estate planning attorney must also have extensive litigation experience although very few do. You require someone who has actual training and experience in managing conflicts and proceedings with a person who is after you.


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